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Each Ambon is approximately 7 inch by 1.1 inch. Weight is approximately 440g. Can share with minimum 6 pax per cake.

Store in fridge or cool places, steam 5 minutes when out from fridge to regain soft and chewy texture.
Best consume within two days.
Keeping in fridge can last up till one week.

All natural ingredients
No preservatives
No artifical flavouring, coloring and additives
Gluten free
No pork, lard and gelatin
Suitable for vegetarian

By default, our Ambon is not so sweet. If you have a sweet tooth, please feel fr...


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  • Original Ambon

    Original Ambon  


    Coconut, Pandan, Kaffir Lime Leaves, Lemongrass.

  • Orange Ambon

    Orange Ambon  


    Cream, Orange juice and zest that give you a refreshing taste.

  • Coffee Ambon

    Coffee Ambon  


    Real coffee. Not your 2in1 or 3in1

  • Pandan Chiffon Cake

    Pandan Chiffon Cake  


    Real pandan extract. No artificial coloring or flavoring. Texture is denser, more moisture, smells better and taste really real. Suitable for fussy eaters. 6 inch by 2.1 inch, approx 300g.

  • Gula Melaka ambon

    Gula Melaka ambon  


    Ultimate coconut lovers’ alert! Less sweet formula makes it more addictive and leave you less guilty.

  • The Jamistry - Artisan Smoked Bacon Jam

    The Jamistry - Artisan Smoked Bacon Jam  


    Artisan Smoked Bacon Jam (165g) by The Jamistry
    This savoury sweet jam is so versatile, you can pair it with anything under your imagination.
    1 month in fridge; 3 months in freezer
    Main Ingredients:
    Smoked Streaky Bacon, Fresh Onions, Water, Molasses Sugar, Martell, Expresso, Balsamic Vinegar

  • The Black Ambon

    The Black Ambon  


    Perfect option for those who care about sugar level but yet couldn’t resist the chocolate temptation.
    **Do note that chocolate flavour is not as ‘gao’ as eating brownies or fudge cake, this is the kueh style (lighter in taste).

  • Gift-a-bon



    Sending an appreciation gift is never easier!
    Give us your recipient’s contact details and we will liaise on the delivery details with them, extremely suitable for bulk gifts. (Delivery Fee will apply to per location, calculated during payment.)

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