Izakaya 95 offers you an AUTHENTIC kushiyaki grilled over binchotan charcoal, a good quality, white coloured oak charcoal. Burning with a high heat this imparts a smoky flavour into each skewer.
Our speciality in Izakaya 95 is none other than our Kagoshima Buta Teriyaki, which goes best with our all-time most popular Niniku friend rice! Fresh ingredients imported from Japan paired up with our chef’s dedication, we guarantee our food would cater to even the pickiest taste buds!
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday : 5pm to 11pm
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  • Tako Wasabi

    Tako Wasabi  

    Wasabi Octopus

  • Cold Corn

    Cold Corn  

  • Kawa Hagi

    Kawa Hagi  

    Grill Dry Leather Jacket Fsih

  • Tatami Iwashi

    Tatami Iwashi  

    Grill Dry Baby Sardine

  • Yaki Aburage

    Yaki Aburage  

    Grilled Crispy Brown Tofu Skin Topped with Leek, Bonito Flakes & Soy Sauce

  • Edamame


  • Kawa Ebi

    Kawa Ebi  

    Deep Fried Shrimp with Salt


  • Green Salad

    Green Salad  


  • Oden


    Japanese Fish Cake Stew

  • Mixed Kinoko Miso Soup

    Mixed Kinoko Miso Soup  

  • Miso Soup

    Miso Soup  

  • Yasai Tofu Miso Soup

    Yasai Tofu Miso Soup  

  • Asari Miso Soup

    Asari Miso Soup  

    Fresh Asari Clams Fermented Bean Soup


  • Deep Fried Platter

    Deep Fried Platter  

    Deep Fried Prawn, Crabsticks, Soft Shell Crab, Scallop, Vegetables with Tempura Sauce

  • Tempura Moriwase

    Tempura Moriwase  

    Deep Fried Battered Vegetable (4), Fish (1), Prawns (3) with Tempura Sauce

  • Ebi Tempura (5pcs)

    Ebi Tempura (5pcs)  

    Deep Fried Battered Prawns with Tempura Sauce

  • Yasai Tempura

    Yasai Tempura  

    Deep Fried Assorted Vegetables with Tempura Sauce

  • Fumi Kani Tempura

    Fumi Kani Tempura  

    Deep Fried Assorted Crabsticks with Tempura Sauce

  • Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab

    Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab  

  • Tebasaki Age (5pcs)

    Tebasaki Age (5pcs)  

    Deep Fried Crispy Wings with separate Chilli Powder

  • Tonkatsu


    Deep Fried Pork Cutlet with Tonkatsu Sauce (USA Black Pork)

  • Hotate Furai (5 pcs)  

    Sashimi Grade Scallop Fritters with Tatar Sauce

  • Geso Karaage

    Geso Karaage  

    Deep Fried Squid Legs with Chilli Powder

  • Tori Karaage

    Tori Karaage  

    Deep Fried Seaweed Chicken with Tonkatsu May

  • Gyoza Age (5pcs)

    Gyoza Age (5pcs)  

    Deep Fried Dumplings with Mayo

  • Agedashi Tofu

    Agedashi Tofu  

    Deep Fried Tofu with Savory Dashi Sauce

  • Mentai Cheese Fries

    Mentai Cheese Fries  

    French Fries with Cod Fish Roe and Cheese

  • Truffle Fries

    Truffle Fries  

    French Fries with Special Truffle Sauce


  • Kagoshima Buta Teriyaki

    Kagoshima Buta Teriyaki  

    Kagoshima Black Pork Belly With Teriyaki

  • Surume Ika Shio Yaki

    Surume Ika Shio Yaki  

    Seasonal Japanese Squid with Salt

  • Surume Ika Teriyaki

    Surume Ika Teriyaki  

    Japanese Seasonal Squid with Teriyaki Sauce

  • Unagi Kabayaki

    Unagi Kabayaki  

    Eel with Teriyaki Sauce

  • Tori Teriyaki

    Tori Teriyaki  

    Chicken With Teriyaki Sauce

  • Hamachi Kama

    Hamachi Kama  

    Yellow Tail Cheek With Salt

  • Gindara Mentaiyaki

    Gindara Mentaiyaki  

    Japan Black Cod Fish With Cod Fish Roe Mayonnaise

  • Gindara Teriyaki

    Gindara Teriyaki  

    Japan Black Cod Fish With Teriyaki Sauce

  • Saba Shio Yaki

    Saba Shio Yaki  

    Mackerel With Salt

  • Hotate Mentaiyaki Cheese (3pcs)

    Hotate Mentaiyaki Cheese (3pcs)  

    Scallop Baked With Cod Fish Roe Mayonnaise & Cheese


  • Asari Bata Yaki

    Asari Bata Yaki  

    Pan-Fried Fresh Asari Clams With Butter Sauce

  • Yasai Itamae  

    Stir Fried Vegetables

  • Mixed Kinoko

    Mixed Kinoko  

    Stir-Fried Mushrooms With Butter Sauce

  • Black Pepper Teri Chicken

    Black Pepper Teri Chicken  

  • Buta Kimchi

    Buta Kimchi Unavailable 

    Stir-Fry Kimchi With Pork

  • Hoikoro


    Stir-Fry Cabbage With Pork

  • Tamago

    Tamago Unavailable 

    Rolled Omelette


  • Izakaya95  Signature Set

    Izakaya95 Signature Set  

    Kagoshima Buta Teriyaki, Foie Gras, Hotate, Kaki & Lamb Rack

  • Vegetables Set

    Vegetables Set  

    Engiri King Mushroom, Asparagus, Cherry Tomato, Shiitake Mushroom & Okra Engiri King Mushroom, Asparagus , Cherry Tomato , Shiitake Mushroom,Okra

  • Seafood Set

    Seafood Set  

    Ika, Tako, Ebi, Shisamo, Unag

  • Pork Set

    Pork Set  

    Pork Large Intestines, Pork Shoulder, Pork Collar, Pork Belly, Pork Sausage

  • Pork Innards Set

    Pork Innards Set  

    Pork Maw, Pork Kidney, Pork Tongue, Pork Heart & Pork Liver

  • Chicken Set

    Chicken Set  

    Tsukune Tare, Tori Kawa, Sasami Mentai, Tori Momo & Tebasaki

  • Chicken Innards Set

    Chicken Innards Set  

    ori Reba, Nankotsu, Sunagimo, Bonjiri & Tori Hatsu

  • Meat Set

    Meat Set  

    Bacon Enoki, Bacon Asparagus, Smoke Duck, Tori Niniku & Tori Negi


  • Kaki  

    Fresh Oyster

  • Geso Skewer  

    Squid Leg Skewer

  • Hotate  

    Sashimi Grade Scallop

  • Ika  

    Squid Skewer

  • Tako  

    Octopus Skewer

  • Shisamo  

    Capelin Fish Skewer

  • Ebi  

    Prawn Skewer

  • Unagi  

    Eel Skewer

  • Tsukune Tare  

    Homemade Chicken Meatball With Tare Sauce

  • Tori Kawa  

    Chicken Skin Skewer

  • Sasami Mentai  

    Chicken Loin With Cod Fish Roe Mayonnaise

  • Tori Momo  

    Chicken Meat Skewer

  • Tebasaki  

    Chicken Wings Skewer

  • Tori Negi  

    Chicken & Leek Skewer

  • Tori NIniku  

    Chicken & Garlic Skewer

  • Quails Egg  

    Quails Eggs Skewer

  • Tori Reba  

    Chicken Liver Skewer

  • Tori Hatsu  

    Chicken Heart Skewer

  • Sunagimo  

    Chicken Gizzard Skewer

  • Nankotsu  

    Chicken Softbone Skewer

  • Bonjiri  

    Chicken Tail Skewer

  • Pork Large Intestines Skewer  

  • Pork Shoulder Skewer  

  • Pork Collar Skewer  

  • Kagoshima Buta Skewer  

    Pork Belly Skewer

  • Arabiki Pork Sausage  

    Japanese Pork Sausage

  • Pork Maw Skewer  

  • Pork Kidney Skewer  

  • Pork Tongue Skewer  

  • Pork Heart Skewer  

  • Pork Kidney Skewer  

  • Pork Liver Skewer  

  • Lamb Rack Salt and Pepper  

    French Cut

  • Foie Gras  

    Duck Liver Skewer

  • Bacon Enoki Mushroom Skewer  

  • Bacon Asparagus Skewer  

  • Smoke Duck Skewer  

  • Butter Corn Skewer  

  • Engiri King Mushroom Skewer  

  • Asparagus Skewer  

  • Cherry Tomato Skewer  

  • Shitake Mushroom Skewer  

  • Okra  

    Lady Finger Skewer


  • Niniku Fried Rice

    Niniku Fried Rice  

    Garlic Fried Rice

  • Steam Rice

    Steam Rice  

  • Yaki Soba

    Yaki Soba  

    Stir-Fried Noodles

  • Yaki Udon

    Yaki Udon  

    Stir-Fried Udon

  • Cha Soba (Cold)

    Cha Soba (Cold)  

    Green Tea Cold Noodles

  • Brown Soba

    Brown Soba  

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