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Stylerider Pte Ltd is an experienced company in dealing with renovations for all sectors (Homes / for Businesses). Not only specialising in work executions, we also assist home owners in 3D rendering services to visualise the renovating unit better prior to commencement of works. The 3D rendering services are realistic and to scale so owners can visualise their areas properly before confirmation to renovation costs. This is a very essential step to prevent miscommunications and failure in understanding.

Ongoing promotions
3D rendering services at $90 to $150 till July 2021 (See more details below)

Stylerider x Walch Protection Care Package

Stylerider is in a collaboration with Walch for the upcoming circuit breaker to cater to all consumers a 50% off retail pricing for their disinfectant products. We are encouraging you to stay home to prevent possible contacts with public, and get yourselves prepared for the potential circuit breaker with the following lists customised for your household.
Usual price for the following list is at $243 BUT NOW you're getting it at $120 nett no gst.

Package Includes the following 13 items:

  1. 2 sets × 1L Multi-Purpose Disinfectant - (Promoting high level disinfection within the household eg. Soaking of footwear, clothing & basic household cleaning)

  2. 4 pcs× 500ml Multi-Purpose Cleaner - (Providing cleaners of targeted different usage eg. Kitchen, Bathroom, Complete & Heavy Duty. You may have them put into smaller bottles to bring out to use at public areas if need)

  3. 3 sets x (100pc/pack) of Multi-Purpose Disinfectant Wipes - (Wipes which can kill up to 99.9% germs but yet does not cause your hands to crease due to the rapid sterilization)

  4. 2 sets × 1L Anti Bacterial Body Wash (Moisturising series) - (Protect yourself & your love ones with daily showers using anti-bacterial body wash which at the same time keeps your body moisturized and leave no dry skin)

  5. 2 sets × 550ml Automatic Hand Wash Dispenser + 2 x 350ml Anti-Bacteria Handwash - (Encouraging the public to convert to automatic hand washes instead of the manual pumps to prevent frequent touches to objects & germs. A 350ml Anti-Bacteria handwash is also provided with the automatic dispenser)

You can have an option of topping up $26 for 2 sets of 1L size pack Gel Hand Sanitisers

Only 600 sets available
Delivery will be dispatched 5 days upon payment made
Valid till 16 June 2021

If order form is not working please drop your details to

  • Minimum order for delivery: $130.00
  • Flat delivery fee: $8.00
  • Free delivery over $150.00

Reno Consultations

Detailed Consultation for your home renovation (90 mins)

In this 90 minutes consultation, we will provide you 2 proposals in your furniture planning, advise you on relevant submissions, color matching and indicate clear pointers to you on how to save costs for your renovation. (Delivery fee not inclusive for this option)

from $150.00

3D Visual Render

3D Renderings for your Homes / Offices

3D rendering visuals for to visualise your renovation better. Confirm your visuals before getting a quote from contractors will assure you in getting more accurate quotes. If you engage Stylerider Pte Ltd to execute your renovation, drawing fees shall be refunded in full. (Delivery fee not inclusive for this option)

from $90.00

Walch Package

Walch & Stylerider Protection Care Package (5 products, 13 items)

Package Includes: 2 × 1L Multi-Purpose Disinfectant 4 × 500ml Multi-purpose cleaner 3 x (100pc/pack) of Multi-purpose disinfectant wipes 2 × 1L Anti Bacterial Body Wash 2 × 550ml Automatic Hand Wash Dispenser + 2 x 350ml Anti-bacteria Handwash

2 x 1L Hand Sanitiser

Top up $26 for 2 x 1L Gel Hand Sanitiser



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