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A simple breakfast stall since 1960s at kampong bugis area. We are nothing fanciful but old school!


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Ala Carte 单点

Peanut porridge 花生粥

condiments will be pack separately

Fried bee hoon 炒米粉

Sauce will be pack seperately 酱料分开包

Chee cheong fun 猪场粉

Sauce will be pack separately 酱料分开包

Steamed yam cake

Sauce will be pack separately 酱料分开包

Cold Chee cheong fun 冷冻猪肠粉

Heat up at home, keep in fridge maximum 5 days. Sauce & condiments included 自备弄热,芝麻,酱料全包挎在内

Cold Yam Cake 冷冻芋头糕

Heat up at home, keep in fridge maximum 3 days. Sauce & condiments included 自备弄热,芝麻,酱料全包挎在内

Extra Sauce



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