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The first and only Singapore-style ramen!
A Singapore-created dish that showcase the best of Japanese ramen and Hong Kong wonton noodles.

Here at A Noodle Story, We take pride in our food. Our priority is to serve you fresh food, cooked to the best of our abilities.
It’s all about “kitchen-honour.” I’d never serve you anything I will not eat myself.

Imagine this:

🥟 Plump juicy wontons handmade everyday with freshly minced pork and huge chunks of bouncy prawns and seasoned with a dash of fragrant sesame oil with a light hint of ginger juice. All these goodness wrapped with a slippery skin that readily slides down your mouth.

🐖 Premium pork belly is infused with superior soy sauce and slow-braised for 36 hours for a silky texture. The smooth-tender meat lightly dipped in our special sauce simply melt in your mouth.

🥚Only USA-patented pasteurized fresh eggs are served for our crowd-pleasing “Hot-spring Egg.” Cooked every morning and lightly marinated in superior light soy for a savoury feel with rich oozy yolk. My promise: You will never ever see greenish-overcooked egg from us.

🍤 Strings of Idaho-potato are wrapped around a prawn cake and deep-fried till crisp and golden. Very addictive.

🍜 Specially-curated thin springy noodles that is tossed with our secret blend of dark soya sauce with a sprinkle of roasted dried shrimps and dried seaweed. Bursting with tastiness.

🍃 Freshly-sliced spring onions and shredded red pepper to complete an Instagram-worthy dish. And if you like, a dollop of sambal chilli for that extra kick.

It’s my job to make you happy with quiet satisfaction. We will always give you our best. If for any reason our food doesn’t work for you, I’m most willing to give you a polite refund.

💁🏻‍♀️ Joanne Li, 37, Sengkang.
“...the taste is great. Delicious, must try!”

🙍‍♂️Eric B. Taylor, 56, Newton.
“⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ fully deserved their Michelin Guide Bib Gourmand award. Well-executed dish!”

💁🏻‍♂️ Peter Neo, 29, Katong.
“9/10. Wait till you try. The perfectly cooked runny onsen egg and plump, juicy wontons are worth queuing for... not to mention the smooth, tender chasu...”

🇸🇬 Created & Made in Singapore.
☘️ Natural & Wholesome Ingredients
🏆 Multiple F&B Awards Recognition
💯 Kitchen-Honour
🚚 Island-wide Delivery.
💵 “If-we-screwed-up” 100% Money Back Guarantee
🚫No GST & Service Charge

A Noodle Story Operating Hours:

⏰ Mon to Sat (Lunch) starting 11.30am till sell-out (around 1.30pm and can be much earlier.)

⏰ Mon to Fri (Dinner) starting around 5.30pm till sell-out (around 6.45pm and can be much earlier.)

⏰ Sundays and PHs closed.

☎️ Advance order for self-collection & delivery is also available. This page is open for advance and delivery order from 1430hrs to 2100hrs for the next day.

Apologies, we do not take same day lunch order currently as we do not have the manpower to collate (dinner order is fine). For same day lunch delivery, you may wish to try Grabfood, foodpanda or WhyQ.

We are located at Amoy Street Food Centre #01-39. An easy 5 minutes walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT exit G.

  • Minimum order for delivery: $20.00

Main Dishes

Singapore-style Ramen - Medium "Most Popular Choice!"

from $12.20
Singapore-style Ramen - Small

from $9.20

Side Dishes

HK-style Shrimp Wontons (6 pieces) "Chef's Recommendation!"

from $6.20
Crispy Golden-fried Potato-wrapped Prawn (3 pieces) "Crowd's Favourite!"

Hot-spring Egg


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from $8.00


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