Hello 👋👋👋 We are LOK不LOK!

📍401 Macpherson Rd #01-21 Singapore 368125 (Macpherson Mall)

As featured on Damn Worth It, 联合早报 & 新加坡皇后情报局! Our sauces are all daily made from SCRATCH! Those who have tried, should know how gaolat spicy our sauce is! 🤭🤭

  • MAMA Sibei 辣
  • MAMA Satay Sauce
  • VIET Sweet Garlic Sauce
  • DIDI 酸酸甜甜辣辣 (NEW!)

Support our small F&B and let us all tide through this difficult period together, stay safe and enjoy our LOKLOK 🍢🍢 !

After receiving your order, we will send a list of loklok for you to choose! Thank you 😊

Delivery Info

Minimum order
Free delivery
Flat delivery fee


  • Combo A  

    35 Sticks of Loklok + 1 Bottle Free Soju

  • Combo B  

    55 Sticks of Loklok + 1 Bottle Free Soju

  • Combo C  

    85 Sticks of Loklok + 2 Bottle Free Soju

  • Ramen  

  • Fries  

  • 三八酒配套  

  • Coconut Jelly x CocoGogo Unavailable 

  • 2023 CNY Heng Heng Set!

    2023 CNY Heng Heng Set!   

    🧧Cny Set Comes with :
    98 sticks of Loklok
    *Choose Free 4 btl heneiken/
    2 Grape Soju/ 2 Snapple/
    6 Cans Softdrinks/
    10 Extra Sticks of loklok
    *Free 1 Packet of honey butter ZaiEr
    *Free 1 Packet LBL Red Packet
    *Free Delivery

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