Q Hor Fun

Q Hor Fun

Want to know what fun taste like?
Order now and have a bowl of fun wherever you are!

We are a stall at Market Street Interim Hawker Centre.
The fun started back in 2018, bringing joy to people ever since.

Our hor fun comes with either a mushroom, or curry sauce.
Feeling adventurous? Mix the two to get a Yuan Yang!

Accompanying them are two good friends.
Our very own Chicken Chop and Pork Chop.


  1. Fill up and submit order below
  2. Your order will be confirmed via Whatsapp
  3. Make payment via PayNow at UEN: 53383367A OR QR! (QR Code is in the below images)
  4. Sit back and relax, fun is on the way!

**IMPORTANT : Delivery will be arranged only u...

Yuan Yang

  • Chicken Chop Yuan Yang Hor Fun  

  • Chicken Chop Yuan Yang Rice  

  • Pork Chop Yuan Yang Hor Fun  

  • Pork Chop Yuan Yang Rice  


  • Pork Chop Mushroom Hor Fun  

  • Pork Chop Mushroom Rice  

  • Chicken Chop Mushroom Hor Fun  

  • Chicken Chop Mushroom Rice  


  • Pork Chop Curry Hor Fun  

  • Pork Chop Curry Rice  

  • Chicken Chop Curry Hor Fun  

  • Chicken Chop Curry Rice  

  • Curry Chicken with Rice  

  • Curry Chicken with Hor Fun  


  • Add : Rice  

  • Add : Hor Fun  

  • Add : Ramen Egg (Ajitsuke Tamago)  

  • Add : Har Cheong Gai Unavailable 

  • Add : Chicken Chop  

  • Add : Pork Chop  

  • Add : Vegetable  

  • Add : Potato  

  • Add : Mushroom  

  • Tips (If you feel like it, because times are hard now! ;] )  

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