Pantjoran Tea House

Pantjoran Tea House

Traditional Chinese Teahouse Restaurant serving authentic Chinese Cuisine, homemade Dim Sum and a wide selection of traditional tea.
Our Chefs spent years finding the perfect balance between authenticity in taste and healthier ways of cooking to bring to you the best Chinese Tea & Dining experience in Jakarta.

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  • Fishmaw "Pantjoran" Soup

    Fishmaw "Pantjoran" Soup  

    Chinese Delicacy Soup with Fishmaw, Chicken Meat and Mushroom

  • Chicken Ginseng "Chung Hwa" Soup

    Chicken Ginseng "Chung Hwa" Soup  

    Nourishing Chinese Herb Soup from the famous "Apotheek Chung Hwa"

  • Crabmeat Asparagus Rejuvenating Soup

    Crabmeat Asparagus Rejuvenating Soup  

    Tantalising Crabmeat with Asparagus in Thick Soup, good for dispelling heat


  • Sapi Special "Pantjoran" Saus

    Sapi Special "Pantjoran" Saus  

    Sliced Beef with Signature Pantjoran Sauce

  • Sapi Lada Hitam

    Sapi Lada Hitam  

    Sliced Beef with Homemade Black Pepper Sauce

  • Ayam Sayur Asin "Ang Cho"

    Ayam Sayur Asin "Ang Cho"  

    Chicken with Salted Vegetable in Ang Cho Sauce

  • "Kung Pao" Chicken

    "Kung Pao" Chicken  

    Stir-Fry Chicken in Kung Pao Sauce

  • Sapo Terong Ayam "Sichuan"

    Sapo Terong Ayam "Sichuan"  

    Claypot Eggplant with Minced Chicken in Sichuan Sauce

  • Ayam Fillet "Chinatown"

    Ayam Fillet "Chinatown"  

    Chicken Fillet with Traditional Chinatown Sauce


  • Angsio Fishmaw

    Angsio Fishmaw  

    Popular Chinese Delicacy - Fish Maw with Chicken in Brown Sauce

  • Sapo Seafood

    Sapo Seafood  

    Claypot Seafood with Egg Tofu

  • Dory Brokoli "XO"

    Dory Brokoli "XO"  

    Sliced Dory Fish with Broccoli in Signature "XO" Sauce

  • Udang Telur Mentega Krispy

    Udang Telur Mentega Krispy  

    Crispy Prawn with Butter Egg Floss

  • Udang Special "Pantjoran"

    Udang Special "Pantjoran"  

    Prawn with Signature Pantjoran Sauce

  • Udang Gandum Krispy

    Udang Gandum Krispy  

    Crispy Cereal Prawn

  • Gurame "3-S"

    Gurame "3-S"  

    Carp Fish with 3 Flavours - Sweet, Sour & Spicy (Standard Size for 1-3 people)

  • Gurame Telur Asin

    Gurame Telur Asin  

    Carp Fish with Salted Egg (Standard Size for 1-3 people)

  • Gurame Kuah Sayur Asin Tahu

    Gurame Kuah Sayur Asin Tahu  

    Carp Fish with Salted Vegetable & Beancurd in Soup Style (Standard Size for 1-3 people)

  • Gurame "2-S"  

    Carp Fish in Sweet & Sour Sauce (Standard Size for 1-3 people)

  • Cumi Telur Asin

    Cumi Telur Asin  

    Squid with Salted Egg

  • Cumi Special "XO"

    Cumi Special "XO"  

    Squid with Homemade "XO" Sauce


  • Yin & Yang Hong Kong Kailan

    Yin & Yang Hong Kong Kailan   

    Hong Kong Kailan in 2 Styles

  • Sayur Poleng Rasa 3 Telur

    Sayur Poleng Rasa 3 Telur  

    Chinese Spinach with 3 Types Eggs

  • Buncis Ayam Cincang

    Buncis Ayam Cincang  

    French Bean with Minced Chicken & Garlic

  • Capcay Seafood Kembang Tahu

    Capcay Seafood Kembang Tahu  

    Chinese Mix Vegetable & Dried Beancurd with Seafood

  • Fuyunghai


    Egg Omelette with Minced Prawn & Pantjoran Vegetable, topped with Sweet & Sour Sauce

  • Baby Pok Choy

    Baby Pok Choy   

    Baby Bok Choy served with Special Sauce, topped with Goji Berry


  • Nasi Goreng "Buah Bit"

    Nasi Goreng "Buah Bit"  

    Fried Rice with Beet Root

  • Nasi Goreng Seafood "XO"

    Nasi Goreng Seafood "XO"  

    Fragrant Fried Rice with Signature "XO" Sauce

  • Kwetiaw Goreng Seafood "Pecinan"

    Kwetiaw Goreng Seafood "Pecinan"  

    Wok Fried Seafood Flat Noodle

  • Mie Goreng Kucai Seafood

    Mie Goreng Kucai Seafood  

    Our Signature Fried Noodle with Chives


  • Iced Oolong Tea

    Iced Oolong Tea  

    Oolong Leaves, Honey, Fresh Mint Leaves, Orange Slice, Lemon Extract, Crushed Ice

  • Old Town Memorable

    Old Town Memorable  

    Lychee, Strawberry, Orange Juice

  • Fresh Orange Juice

    Fresh Orange Juice  

  • Fresh Strawberry Juice

    Fresh Strawberry Juice  

  • Jus Kedondong

    Jus Kedondong   

    Fresh Ambarella Juice


  • Hakao


    Fresh Prawn Crystal Dumpling (3 pcs)

  • Lumpia Goreng Udang Kulit Tahu

    Lumpia Goreng Udang Kulit Tahu  

    Prawn Wrapped in Beancurd Skin Roll Served with Tangy Sauce (2 pcs)

  • Lumpia Tim Udang Kulit Tahu

    Lumpia Tim Udang Kulit Tahu  

    Steam Fresh Prawn Wrapped in Beancurd Skin Roll with Brown Sauce (2 pcs)

  • Siomay Ayam

    Siomay Ayam  

    Chicken Shao Mai (3 pcs)

  • Siomay Udang

    Siomay Udang  

    Prawn Shao Mai (3 pcs)

  • Onde Wijen

    Onde Wijen  

    Sesame Glutinous Rice Ball with Red Bean Paste (3 pcs)

  • Talas Ayam Jamur

    Talas Ayam Jamur  

    Crispy Taro with Chicken and Mushroom (3 pcs)

  • Ham Sui Kok

    Ham Sui Kok  

    Fried Glutinous Rice with Chicken and Black Mushroom (3 pcs)

  • Lao Mai Kai

    Lao Mai Kai  

    Steamed Glutinous Rice Wrapped in Lotus Leaf (2 pcs)

  • Lumpia Goreng Ayam Sayuran

    Lumpia Goreng Ayam Sayuran  

    Chicken & Vegetables Spring Roll (2 pcs)

  • Tahu Lada Garam

    Tahu Lada Garam  

    Crispy Beancurd in Salt & Pepper

  • Buncis Lada Garam

    Buncis Lada Garam  

    Crispy French Beans in Salt & Pepper

  • Lao Bak Kao "XO"

    Lao Bak Kao "XO"  

    Wok Fried Radish Cake with Home Made "XO" Sauce

  • Pangsit Goreng Udang

    Pangsit Goreng Udang  

    Crispy Prawn Dumpling (3 pcs)

  • Bola Pangsit Goreng

    Bola Pangsit Goreng  

    Crispy Seafood Spring Ball (3 pcs)

  • Bola Kulit Tahu Tim

    Bola Kulit Tahu Tim  

    Steamed Seafood Ball Wrapped in Beancurd Skin (3 pcs)

  • Kaki Ayam Lada Hitam

    Kaki Ayam Lada Hitam  

    Steamed Chicken Feet with Black Bean Sauce (4 pcs)

  • Kuo Tie Ayam Sayuran

    Kuo Tie Ayam Sayuran  

    Pan Fried Chicken & Vegetables Dumpling (3 pcs)

  • Klepon "Pantjoran"

    Klepon "Pantjoran"  

    Pandan Glutinous Ball with Coconut Flakes & Brown Sugar Filling (3 pcs)

  • Bakpao Kukus Daging

    Bakpao Kukus Daging  

    Steamed Chicken Pao (2 pcs)

  • Bakpao Kukus Manis

    Bakpao Kukus Manis   

    Steamed Custard Pao (2 pcs)

  • Bakpao Panggang Manis

    Bakpao Panggang Manis  

    Custard Polo Pao (3 pcs)

  • Bakpao Panggang Daging

    Bakpao Panggang Daging  

    Chicken Polo Pao (2 pcs)

  • Pastel Sapi Lada Hitam

    Pastel Sapi Lada Hitam  

    Beef Blackpepper Crispy Puff (2 pcs)

  • Tart Putih Telur

    Tart Putih Telur  

    Egg White Tart (3 pcs)

  • Pie Teh Hijau

    Pie Teh Hijau  

    Green Tea Pie (2 pcs)

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